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Essential insight to inform your strategic decisions and investments in the region

The expertise of the coal market analysts from Doyle Trading Consultants has been integrated into the North American Coal Market service to deliver an enhanced solution that combines comprehensive industry analysis with respected investigative journalism for this vital regional market.

Clients can continue to rely on our timely coverage of the industry including earnings, key financial and operational data, policy initiatives, alongside rich industry insights, leading market commentary and price reporting, in-depth trends research and fuel competition coverage.

All of this is supported by expanded data covering mining, transportation, prices and financial. This integrated approach supports clients in contextualizing market developments, and data analysis uncovers areas of potential risk and opportunity.
Enterprise-wide access to service content through our online platform, McCloskey, allows you to:

  • Inform investments, trades and buys
  • Quantify strategic decisions and identify signposts or inflection points
  • Benchmark proprietary prices and trade data
  • Monitor power plant and mine regulations


What’s Included:

Daily focused on U.S. coal and energy prices, U.S. coal market trends and major company/industry developments, including:

  • Coverage of the day’s most compelling topics
  • Comments from leading market participants
  • U.S. Coal (NYMEX/PRB/Northern APP/Illinois Basin) and Natural Gas (Henry Hub) pricing – updated every day

Weekly summary of U.S. coal news with data and analysis – comprehensive coverage of U.S. utilities and large industrials sectors, including:

  • Coal supply/demand and price fundamentals
  • Utility price markers (ILB, Central APP, Northern APP, Western, PRB, Eastern Rail)
  • U.S. coal production
  • Enhanced U.S. domestic and international market roundup, including key physical prices (PRB, CSX, Northern APP, Illinois Basin, U.S. Gulf High-Sulphur, NW Europe, Colombian, Indonesian Sub-Bit)

Delivered early every Monday, an overview of expected events, data releases and emerging trends that have the potential to affect the market.

Real-time alerts for significant events and developments impacting the industry, throughout
the day.

Forward-looking analysis of US and Canadian market trends for steam and met coal demand and production.

Alerts of significant company events (earnings, strategic announcements) and major data releases.
  • North American Coal Supply/Demand, Exports/Imports, Monthly Outlook, Global Crude Steel
  • North American Natural Gas Short-Term Outlook
  • North American Power Market Outlook
  • U.S. Natural Gas Storage Weekly
  • North American Company Research