Video: Oil Prices Head Higher

Though oil prices were knocked lower in the middle of July, this past week saw them climb up again.

Watch this less-than-2-minute video to see what OPIS is tracking as WTI crude oil returns to near the $70/bbl mark and Brent pushes $75/bbl.

Here’s a preview: Cushing, Okla., stocks of crude oil — that’s the hub around which the WTI contract is based — have dwindled to levels not seen since November 2014. 

See what else we are tracking, including a “candlestick” chart illustrating market opens and settles. Plus see, what gasoline and diesel did in this week’s rally.

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  • How the announcements made at the June 22 OPEC meeting will shape the fortunes of oil prices for the remainder of 2018
  • The effect of RINs market volatility on RBOB gasoline futures prices
  • The major headlines that are shaping gasoline and diesel prices this year.

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