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Mexico Fuels Report

Get a true buildup cost of cross-border shipments from the U.S. to Mexico. It features a landed spot market index that assesses the price of Mexico delivered gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel.

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Vessel Tracking

OPIS Europe Jet, Diesel and Gasoline Tanker Trackers show the live movement of European jet fuel, diesel and gasoline cargoes. Tracking oil deliveries in real-time provides a unique money-saving advantage – particularly in an arbitrage-driven market.

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OPIS450 Europe Jet Ticker

OPIS450 Europe Jet Ticker provides the ultimate level of transparency into European barge jet fuel markets and contract pricing using a live trading platform.

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Worldwide Jet Fuel Report

This daily report provides transparent airline jet fuel pricing and contract pricing, global jet fuel market commentary and timely news.

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Intraday Email and Mobile News Alerts

Hear about critical downstream energy news immediately. Real-time alerts are available for biofuels, LPG and refined products via email or our mobile app.

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OPIS Newsletter

Get targeted oil industry news and analysis delivered to you every week in the OPIS Newsletter. Pricing for gasoline, diesel, renewable fuels, LPG/NGL, jet fuel, crude oil, feedstocks, resid, and kerosene is included.

Price History, Rack, Spot - Pricing


Access historical spot and rack pricing data for gasoline, diesel and NGLs through our online price history database. Verify invoices, compare suppliers and identify and analyze market trends.

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Asia Jet Fuel & Gasoil Report

Here is your singular resource for buying and selling spot jet fuel and gasoil in Asia. Enhance your hedging strategy and minimize risk on your jet fuel purchases.

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Europe Jet, Diesel and Gasoil Report

OPIS Europe Jet, Diesel & Gasoil Report provides expert market analysis and shipping data on Northwest Europe and Mediterranean jet fuel, ULSD and gasoil markets.