Wholesale Rack Pricing Overview

What is a wholesale rack market?

“Rack” or “Wholesale” purchases are made along a fuel distribution system – usually a pipeline. Transactions are approximately 8,000 gallons and are made at 1,500 terminals in nearly 400 market locations across the U.S.

Companies that re-sell fuel (jobbers) as well as retailers or end users (e.g., trucking companies) pull fuel products from wholesale racks. Wholesale rack prices move up or down each day at 6pm, based on the movements of the volatile spot market. Intraday price moves and regional price swings are common.

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Daily wholesale rack pricing for U.S. and international markets

OPIS U.S. wholesale gasoline and diesel rack pricing reports are independent resources to verify supplier prices, reconcile invoice discrepancies, negotiate better rack supply contracts and take advantage of buying/selling opportunities in the wholesale market. Supplier posted wholesale propane rack and contract pricing and biodiesel pricing are also available for U.S. markets.

Choose to receive daily wholesale rack prices through email, on the web or in real time. For advanced data solutions, Axxis Software provides extensive software automation for streamlining your wholesale business operations and pricing/invoicing.

International gasoline and diesel rack pricing is available for Mexico, Canada  and Australia.

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Specialty rack reports for granular pricing insight

OPIS also offers an online tool for “as-needed” gasoline and diesel pricing as well specialty rack pricing reports for increased visibility into more granular pricing options when creating supply contracts:

Looking for historical data? Please view our Price History products.

Be sure to take a look at our Wholesale Fuel Pricing Resources page for a complete collection of free content and information on wholesale rack reports and pricing.

OPIS is the oil industry’s rack price benchmark.

OPIS pioneered rack price discovery over 30 years ago, bringing visibility into an obscure marketplace. Today, billions of gallons of gasoline and diesel sold in the U.S. are based on OPIS rack benchmarks. As an independent wholesale price reference, the industry relies on our benchmark rack data to ensure that fuel transactions and supply contracts are accurate and fair.

Rack price delivery type, formats and frequency are flexible. You need gasoline prices only – no problem. We can also customize formats to feed prices into back-end systems for accounts payable or receivable. Free trials are available for OPIS rack pricing products.

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Featured Rack Product: Real-Time Racks

Follow Wholesale Price Changes on the Heels of the Global Oil Price Drop

OPIS data indicates that U.S. suppliers have reacted quickly to the change in global oil market prices and have made sizable reductions in wholesale rack prices. The changes thus far average more than 11cts/gal countrywide and include diesel, gasoline, propane and biodiesel among the finished products impacted – gasoline racks have declined more than any other product.

OPIS Real-Time Racks offers visibility into live wholesale gasoline and diesel rack prices and moves. March 9 alone saw over 15,000 price moves. Don’t miss any more – start a free trial to Real-Time Racks and monitor intraday price moves in your local rack market so you can react immediately to market conditions.

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“We rely on OPIS Rack data to provide an accurate history of prices which we use to evaluate current vs. historical basis levels as well as using this data to prepare studies to evaluate best purchasing methods or supply contracts at specific rack locations.”
Jim Burr Vice President of Energy Products, FCStone, LLC
“We depend on OPIS Racks for an accurate price reflection to keep not only our margins at an exceptional level, but also to keep us competitive for our customers. Without this tool we would be reacting too slowly to the volatile conditions. During extreme market moves, OPIS has done an outstanding job of keeping track of vendor outages to help us eliminate inaccurate numbers when factoring prices.”
Luke Wiese Fuel Pricing Manager, Nebraska Iowa Supply Company
“In today's volatile price environment, OPIS provides real-time information which is both meaningful and actionable for our day-to-day supply decisions. We rely on OPIS to provide accurate and timely indications from rack sellers in each one of our local markets.”
Brian Schaller Senior Director, Petroleum Supply & Trading, Wawa, Inc.