OPIS450 Europe Jet Ticker

Track European Barge Jet Fuel Prices on a Live Trading Platform

Gain reliable jet fuel contract pricing with all-day trade visibility.

Using a live trading platform, the OPIS450 Europe Jet Ticker converts bids, offers and deals in the barge jet fuel market into a price mark for each minute between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. London time.

The average of those 450 prices creates a representative mean value for the entire trading day, providing carriers and suppliers with an accurate and impartial market assessment.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Live trading screen captures executable positions, which OPIS links with low-sulfur gasoil futures to create an all-day price average based on per-minute marks.
  • Assessments for the barge jet fuel market in and around Rotterdam reflect a more liquid market for contracts than the traditional illiquid cargo market.
  • Monthly average price is based on nearly 10,000 transparent prices, versus 22 prices per month using a market-on-close methodology.
  • Additional live assessments for prices in the New York Harbor, U.S. Gulf Coast and Los Angeles show airline contract prices as they take shape.
  • News provides insight into what price changes indicate.
  • Convenient mobile-friendly service to monitor prices outside the office.