OPIS Europe Jet, Diesel and Gasoline Tanker Trackers

Forecast volumes and track exports with live European cargo intelligence.

OPIS Europe Jet, Diesel and Gasoline Tanker Trackers show the  movement of on-the-water jet fuel, diesel and gasoline cargoes with real-time satellite AIS tracking from our vessel-tracking service partner, Fleetmon.

In a market driven by arbitrage, the ability to monitor oil deliveries in real-time provides a unique money-saving advantage – whether buying or selling.

Follow Europe-bound tankers for jet fuel and ultra-low-sulfur diesel, so you can forecast volumes and compare them to historical levels from two weeks to 30-days before tankers arrive at ports. Also track gasoline cargo exports from Europe to North America and West Africa.

For in-depth details on the OPIS Tanker Tracker service, please visit Fleetmon.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Hour-by-hour visual tracking gives you insight on vessels from producer to port – or as they divert to deliver partial cargoes.
  • Real-time data gives you instant access to vessel names, volume transported, the buyer and seller of the fuel and who chartered the vessel.
  • Experienced industry analysts – not algorithms – monitor the shipping list and provide exclusive updates and intelligence not available from any other single source.
  • Quick-select options let you identify deliveries due in the next seven or 30-days, or into specific regions.
  • Advanced reporting provides perspective on trends, with a 12-month archive sorted by route, destination, buyer, region, etc.
  • Customized daily emails alert you to new vessels and updated cargo details.
  • List export allows for further analysis and archiving.
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“OPIS Tanker Tracker provides essential information pertaining to Jet Cargoes flows in an effective and accurate manner. Definitely an important tool!”
Ricardo Nunes Clean Products Trading Manager, Petrobras
“It's better than the existing vessel tracking systems – the email update is very useful. ”
UK Broker
“It's a beautiful tool – very user friendly. It provides real insight into the market.”
Rotterdam Storage Operator