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This daily publication is the most widely referenced benchmarking report which shows full-day LPG pricing assessments for key trading hubs in North America. Along with exclusive pricing, this resource keeps you current on market news such as supply and demand challenges, arbitrage opportunities and refinery acquisitions/mergers.

Inside this report, you'll find:

  • Two month forward pricing for WTI and Brent
  • Spot liquids prices for major U.S. hubs
  • Daily assessments of Canadian NGLs in Edmonton and Sarnia
  • Mt. Belvieu Ethane Frac Spread (20-day trend)
  • NGL % of WTI Crude & Brent (20-day trend)
  • Propane, Normal Butane & Natural Gasoline Spreads (20-day trend)
  • Frac Spread and % of Crude snapshot for major hubs
  • Daily West Coast gas liquids assessments
  • Percentage of Crude 5-year rolling average
  • Daily average and month-to-date average NGL prices
  • Daily NGL news and commentary

By using this report, you can:

  • Hedge your spot purchases by analyzing the swap futures prices.
  • Identify the price spreads by product between major storage hubs.
  • Compare the daily average price with month-to-date price to show where the index price is relative to the spot price.
  • Get a broader look and historical perspective for products as a percentage of crude.
  • Determine the arbitrage opportunity between Conway and Mt. Belvieu for propane, butane, and natural gasoline.
  • Keep a gauge on buying and/or selling based on whether NGLs are under- or over-valued.
  • Find out how NGLs stack up against international markets for export/import purposes or for hedging non-U.S. purchases or sales.
  • See the profit margin for extracting NGLs from the natural gas stream as well as the percentage of crude as of current day.
  • Discover the profit margin for extracting ethane from natural gas.
  • Stay current on the news of the day by reading exclusive NGL stories.

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