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OPIS450 Europe Jet Ticker

The OPIS450 Europe Jet Ticker is a remarkable new offering that shows the formation of airline contract prices live in northwest Europe, New York Harbor, U.S. Gulf Coast, and Los Angeles. Learn more >>

The best distillates team in European pricing is now covering diesel … the OPIS Europe Jet, Diesel & Gasoil Report is delivered daily and includes prices, statistics, and exclusive news giving you the complete picture of the European spot jet, ULSD and gasoil markets.

This valuable pricing benchmark report now provides unique coverage of import volumes based on hour-by-hour analysis of product flows into Europe. OPIS editors draw on exclusive shipping data and track the changing arbitrage economics from key regions such as the U.S. Gulf Coast, Korea and the Arab Gulf.

As a key futures market instrument is phased out (ICE 0.1% gasoil futures), the way the market trades jet, diesel and gasoil is changing. Effectively, this market now uses ULSD futures as the underlying commodity for all its distillate trading. This report is ready for that shift and by adding ULSD markets to the enhanced report, it now provides ample coverage and analysis of the spot market that underpins the exchanges.

OPIS’s experienced editors and analysts are uniquely positioned to deliver the best full-day intelligence on Europe’s middle distillates market – helping you to remain profitable in an unpredictable market.

Benefit from:

  • The best coverage of deals and market talk in the business – including hard-to-track delivered premiums into ports across Europe.
  • The best intelligence on monthly jet and ULSD import volumes assessed by OPIS and Eurostat.
  • Essential new charts showing indicator economics for moving distillate products from one market to another.
  • Excellent forward market pricing – included as standard in every report.
  • A pick-up-and-run summary table of where the leading research desks see crude prices heading.
  • Easy-to-follow cracks (profit margins) for diesel and jet.
  • Key aviation news that affects the fundamentals of fuel demand and supply.
  • Trusted analysis by award-winning maritime journalists.

With all this information in one in-depth report, this publication can help you remain profitable in an increasingly unstable market.

Use at-a-glance charts and tables to quickly identify trends and monitor your hedge ...

  • Low, High, Change, Current-Month Average, and Last-Month Average Prices for Jet Fuel, Diesel (ULSD), and Gasoil for Barge Fob, NWE Fob, NWE Cif, Med Fob, Med Cif, Baltic Fob.
  • ICE Brent and LS Gasoil Futures
  • Middle Distillates Barges Fob Rotterdam Last 8 Months Outright Price and Linear Trend
  • Historical and Projected Jet and ULSD Imports into EU
  • International Jet Fuel and ULSD Prices
  • Analyst Forecasts for Future Brent Crude Prices
  • Product Cracks versus Rolling Brent
  • And much more. View the sample report here. Or better yet, sign up for a free 21-day trial here.

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