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Retail - Pricing


Get the power to immediately react to retail gasoline and diesel price changes made by your local competitors. Put an end to manual competitor price tracking which is often costly, inaccurate and time-consuming.

Retail - Pricing


Analyze competitive retail station data to determine how local markets react to price moves. Develop strategies to increase your retail fuel profit potential. Compare your choice of retail stations in a 25-mile radius. Request a free demo today.

Rack - Pricing

Propane Daily Report

Negotiate a better payment price for wholesale propane with access to transparent supplier posted rack prices found in this cost-effective daily report.

Rack - Pricing

Low 2 & Low 3 Benchmarks

The OPIS Low 2 and Low 3 Benchmark averages are calculated by averaging the lowest two/three supplier prices per rack city. No manual calculations necessary. As a convenient add-on to standard rack reports, it’s available for all delivery times and report types.

Rack - Pricing

Bottom Line Report

This daily report reveals the lowest price paid for wholesale gasoline, diesel and ethanol at the rack. It includes branded/unbranded transactions done at values below the OPIS Rack Low.

Rack - Pricing

Temperature Correction Assessment Report

Account for changes to the actual volume of gasoline and diesel sold/purchased. Create supply agreements that include the cost of temperature-related shrinkage/expansion during transportation.

Rack, Retail - Pricing

Australian Terminal Gate Pricing

OPIS provides Australian Terminal Gate Pricing at 25+ Australia terminals in this report designed in conjunction with the Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association (ACAPMA),

Rack - Pricing

Mexico Racks

OPIS Mexico Racks, accessible through a web-based application, provide retail and implied wholesale fuel pricing for Mexico. OPIS’ unbiased, transparent pricing allows for the creation of fair fuel supply contracts and easier decision making for imports/exports as businesses look to invest in this new marketplace.

Rack - Pricing

Canadian Rack Report

Features supplier posted rack pricing for gasoline, diesel, furnace oil, stove oil and biodiesel, along with a daily crude spot price and a weekly LPG range for all major Canadian wholesale locations.

Rack - Pricing

Real-Time Racks & Mobile Real-Time Racks

Wholesale fuel buyers and sellers now have real-time price visibility accessible online. Get live wholesale rack prices for gasoline, diesel and biodiesel, plus instant price change notifications.