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Gasoline & Diesel Rack Prices

Benchmark rack gasoline and diesel prices are available at several email delivery times and formats for hundreds of U.S. rack locations. Ensure accurate wholesale supply deals for both buyer and seller.

Spot - Pricing

Asia Jet Fuel & Gasoil Report

Here is your singular resource for buying and selling spot jet fuel and gasoil in Asia. Enhance your hedging strategy and minimize risk on your jet fuel purchases.

Spot - Pricing

Europe Jet, Diesel and Gasoil Report

OPIS Europe Jet, Diesel & Gasoil Report provides expert market analysis and shipping data on Northwest Europe and Mediterranean jet fuel, ULSD and gasoil markets.

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Asia Naphtha & LPG Report

Light distillate market conditions at major Asia-Pacific hubs are made transparent with the OPIS Asia Naphtha & LPG Report. Naphtha, LPG and Gasoline pricing and market analysis is included.

Spot - Pricing

Europe LPG & Naphtha Report

OPIS’ Europe LPG & Naphtha Report is geared toward meeting the market’s desire for accurate price transparency in northwest Europe and the Mediterranean for spot naphtha, propane and butane prices.

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North America LPG Report

OPIS is the official U.S spot benchmark for LPG/NGL, with every transaction tied to OPIS pricing. The North America LPG Report includes essential prices for Mont Belvieu and other key LPG markets in the U.S.

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North American Propane Ticker

An affordable online tool, the OPIS Propane Ticker tracks live North American spot propane prices all day, allowing you to anticipate market direction and time your transactions optimally.

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Global LPG Ticker

Take advantage of real-time visibility into global LPG markets. Examine the arbitrage relationship between Mont Belvieu and other critical world markets with online access to this live price ticker.

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NGL Forwards Report

The OPIS NGL Forwards Report is your resource for reliable forward NGL curves gathered from varied sources by LPG/NGL industry experts at OPIS. It also includes detailed analysis of market trends.

Spot - Pricing

Full-Day Refined Spots Report

The OPIS Full-Day Refined Spots Report provides gasoline, diesel and jet fuel spot pricing as well as expert news and commentary for U.S. Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast and Midwest markets.