NEW! OPIS Temperature Correction
Assessment Report

How many gallons of fuel are you giving away for free?

If your formula deal doesn’t factor the weather into your rack price, you could be giving away precious gallons of fuel. Every degree above or below the industry accepted reference temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit means the amount of product dispensed is more or less than what is actually received.

The colder it is outside, the more your product shrinks in the tank. If you bill on gross gallons, this means you could be giving away extra gallons to compensate for product shrinkage when dispensing fuel. In extreme weather, this can add up quickly! And even in mild weather, you can’t afford to give away an extra drop of fuel in today’s cutthroat market conditions.

Rely on the just-launched OPIS Temperature Correction Assessment Report to provide you with a third-party assessment to use in your formula deals to adjust for the weather. Using a proprietary formula derived from previous day weather information and OPIS rack prices, this daily report shows assessed values at rack locations in 34 states.

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Use this report to:

  • Create formula deals that accurately account for the temperature
  • Identify which markets are most susceptible to product expansion or shrinkage so you can adjust your deals accordingly
  • Verify the temperature correction value in your formula deal
  • Understand how much the temperature impacts the amount of fuel in your tank
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