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Don't let 1 penny per gallon cost you thousands -- you can't afford to lose even half a cent to your competition! Ensure you're squeezing the most profit out of your business using the OPIS Truckstop Spread Report -- the only daily state-by-state truckstop fuel price report that arms you with the analysis you need to successfully compete.

The 6,000 truckstops with retail diesel prices revealed in our state reports are the same prices found in fuel routing and optimization software used by fleets searching for the best price. Each report is available by state or interstate and includes the retail diesel price, estimated cost (contract avg. plus est. freight and tax), and estimated spread (implied margin).

Now the OPIS Truckstop Spread Report includes DEF pricing and a notation for the lowest retail DEF price. Check it out today with a free 5-day trial.

Rely on this daily report to:

  • Determine how competitors are pricing their fuel.
  • Know when competitors are changing prices (without having to drive around!).
  • Price fuel at the highest margin possible.
  • Establish estimated costs and margins for competitors.
  • Track cost-plus and retail-minus agreements.

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