Reset for the Transition to Renewables

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Join Chemical Market Analytics for “Reset for the Transition to Renewables,” a part of the Dow Jones Energy & Sustainability Issue Briefing Series. Recorded April 13, 2023.

The war in Ukraine, new energy policies and market disruptions have forced nations and companies to reassess how — and how long — the evolution from fossil fuels to renewables will play out. There are competing forces: Tight energy supplies create an impetus to adopt renewables, while the need for energy security forces use of carbon-based and nuclear power. Gain insights on which strategies will emerge, where innovations are occuring and how long it all will take?


  • Jon Ødegård Hansen, Head of Global Energy Systems Research, Rystad Energy
  • Samantha Gross, Director, Energy Security and Climate Initiative, Brookings Institution
  • Hans Kobler, Founder and Managing Partner, Energy Impact Partners
  • Luka Powell, Senior Research Analyst, Chemical Market Analytics

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