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Fuels In Mexico Quarterly Magazine
RVP Switch Inforgraphic
Quantifying Carbon
Top 15 Petroleum Marketing Trends for 2018
OPIS Mexico Primer: The Road to Liberalized Fuel Markets in Mexico

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A closer look at key topics in the spot, rack and retail markets of the downstream petroleum industry.

The OPIS Blog features expert tips, practical insight and timely pricing and market information. It covers the spot, rack and retail markets as well as gasoline, diesel, renewable fuels, NGL/LP, feedstocks, natural gas, jet fuel and crude oil. It’s the simplest way to gain a greater understanding of how fuel markets tick and keep up with changes that could affect pricing – and your bottom line.

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OPIS Combustibles in Mexico Newsletter

Combustibles en México/Fuels in Mexico

Understand the unique challenges of Mexico’s energy reform for fuel buyers and sellers on both sides of the border.

Written in dual English/Spanish format, this quarterly magazine begins publication in Spring 2018 and is available free. Subscribe to Fuels in Mexico and get features news, commentary and analysis on the downstream and midstream fuel sectors in  Mexico.

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OPIS RVP Infographic

The annual shift in RVP levels can cause price fluctuations throughout the entire fuel chain.

Download this handy 2018 LRVP infographic for an easy reference of the transition to low-RVP fuels at the wholesale rack level across the U.S.

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OPIS RVP Infographic
Quantifying Carbon: OPIS White Paper 2018

Quantifying Carbon

Understand cap-and-trade implications as U.S. West Coast & Canadian provinces combine emissions reduction initiatives.

On January 1, Ontario became linked with California and Quebec’s carbon allowance program, prompting uncertainty about carbon reduction programs and pricing structures in this expanded market. In this free cap-and-trade white paper, Bridget Hunsucker, OPIS Senior Editor, Carbon, examines this changing landscape.

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Top 15 Petroleum Marketing Trends for 2018

Leverage the latest industry trends to run a successful business.

Brought to you by the editors of Oil Express, we take a look at 15 game-changing trends for jobbers, wholesalers and retailers in the new year. In this free report, you’ll learn what areas to focus on to increase profits as well as looming new risks that cannot be ignored.

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Top 14 Petroleum Marketing Trends for 2018
OPIS Mexico Primer Report cover

OPIS Mexico Primer: The Road to Liberalized Fuel Markets in Mexico

Mexico’s gasoline and diesel markets are opening to the outside world for the first time in almost 80 years – but not without challenges, risks and delays. Download OPIS’ Mexico Primer and get:

  • Pemex’s response to new retail competition.
  • Efforts to combat the risk of oil theft.
  • Avant Energy’s plans to build marine and inland terminals to connect the Bajio region with the U.S. Gulf Coast market.
  • Andeavor’s plans to expand its retail station count in Mexico to 250-300 stores.
  • Information on Pemex’s fuel logistics open seasons.
  • Plus, a detailed timeline of fuel market deregulation from 2016 with projections to 2020. Includes branding, infrastructure, pricing, regulatory and news developments.

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