OPIS Spot Ticker - New Look and Added Features!

The OPIS Spot Ticker allows you to assess the value of all grades of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in real time as they trade, from your desk or on the road. It also includes daily closing ethanol spot prices in 9 key markets with twice a day prices (mid-day and closing) in Chicago.

It's a must-have tool for marketers, suppliers, traders, brokers and large bulk buyers in today's volatile U.S. spot markets, including the West Coast.

Marketers use it to predict where rack prices are headed, so they can stock up in advance of supplier moves, or wait until price changes take market against an independent third party and view NYMEX differentials and calculated spot prices.

Supply executives in oil companies use it to set the prices of their rack barrels and monitor rack netbacks.

OPIS Spot Ticker - New & Improved!

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Spot Ticker Features Include:
Change Indicators
Easily view the direction of the change for futures physical prices and basis differentials.
Markets Display
Drag-and-drop individual detailed markets, such as Los Angeles, Gulf Coast, Ethanol, RINs, etc into a customized view that is saved.
Globex Page
See market moves after the traditional trading day has closed.


Easily view 24-hour, five- and 30-day price trends under the Futures, East and West sections. Zoom in for precise data.

Editorial Notes

Access the latest market updates about changes in the pipeline cycles, new products becoming available, RVP shifts and reference month shifts.

RVP Notices

Click the asterisk symbol (*) within the East, West, or Details sections to reveal current RVP information.

Jet Section

Access jet prices by your subscribed markets.
View all the latest OPIS news headlines.
Reports Page
Easily access the reports you subscribe to in one location.
RIN Credit Prices
Get ethanol RIN updates three times a day and biodiesel and advanced biofuel RIN updates each evening.
ICE Brent Crude Futures
Easily compare Brent crude prices, the most commonly referenced crude in Europe, with WTI prices.
Colonial Pipeline Line Space
Keep track of live, up-to-the-minute line space pricing for volatile values of the Colonial Pipeline.
3:2:1 Crack Spread
Implied refined product gross margins calculated for NYMEX RBOB and heating oil futures versus Brent and WTI crude oil contracts.
Futures Pricing
Now displaying 3 months of prices for Heating Oil and RBOB.
Deal Log
Follow real-time spot deals OPIS editors confirm throughout the day for live indications of where we're tracking full-day ranges. We capture the key elements of daily trades, plus special notes with detailed information on all confirmed trades in the last five business days. Go here to view a sample.
Mid-Day Ethanol Spot Assessment
Get an intraday update of ethanol spot price values in the Chicago market.
Real-Time Updates
Capture pricing updates as they happen - no more delayed prices.
Live NYMEX Feed
Gain access to NYMEX prices throughout the trading day.
Pipeline Scheduling
Get key pipeline scheduling times for even greater trading detail.
Help document
Easily find answers to common questions.

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