Retail Fuel Market Pricing Overview

OPIS is the leading source of retail fuel prices worldwide.

OPIS monitors over 3.5 million gasoline and diesel prices for nearly 140,000 outlets in North America and over 250,000 stations in 38 countries across Europe, South America, Japan, Mexico and Australia. Our database includes all retailer types, from major brands to regional independents to convenience store chains, as well as supermarkets and big-box stores.

Whether you’re looking for a file of station prices throughout the daycustom pricing and margin averages or historical retail data for trend analysis OPIS has the information you need.

OPIS also provides retail diesel prices at over 6,000 truckstops across the U.S. and Canada.

React quickly to market conditions with interactive pricing, volume and margin tools.

Our web-based solutions offer retailers, oil companies and investors detailed comparisons of station performance in real-time. These tools are easy to use and the live pricing they provide allow you to make strategic decisions faster and with more flexibility.

Retail reports track brand performance, market share and volume analysis.

Discover retail station volume performance and learn which brands are achieving the most retail success.

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