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Retail - Pricing

Customized Retail Fuel Prices and Margins

Create custom data feeds for retail gasoline and diesel prices and margin information you need. OPIS tracks 140,000 retail stations and can create reports based on the region and time-frame of your choice.

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International Feedstocks Intelligence Report

Your reference for vacuum gasoil, naphtha and light cycle oil pricing, news and analysis. It is used by refiners to price feedstocks for their facilities or sell product back into the market, and as a cost basis for traders.

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Intraday Email News Alerts

Learn critical downstream energy news immediately. Real-time alerts are available for biofuels, LPG and refined oil products via email or our mobile app.

Retail - News

Retail Fuel Watch

OPIS Retail Fuel Watch newsletter is your convenient weekly scorecard for grading retail profit performance against key competitors in over 300 regional markets.

Rack, Retail, Spot - News

OPIS Newsletter

Get targeted oil industry news and analysis delivered to you every week in the OPIS Newsletter. Pricing for gasoline, diesel, renewable fuels, LPG/NGL, jet fuel, crude oil, feedstocks, resid, and kerosene is included.

Price History, Rack - Pricing

Invoice Checker

OPIS Invoice Checker is a self-service online tool that allows you to pull spot and rack prices one-at-a-time, as needed. Auditing your fuel purchases is simple and budget-friendly.

Price History, Retail - Pricing

Retail DataHouse

OPIS Retail DataHouse allows you to access and analyze retail fuel prices and margins on demand through an online platform. Track performance, identify gas station acquisition opportunities and more.

Price History, Rack, Spot - Pricing


Access historical spot and wholesale rack pricing data for gasoline, diesel and NGLs through our online price history database. Verify invoices, compare suppliers and identify and analyze energy market trends.

Retail - Pricing

Truckstop Spread Report

Leverage OPIS’ database of retail diesel fuel prices at 6,000 truckstops across the U.S. and Canada instead of manually gathering truckstop data. Pricing is provided by state or interstate.