Why Renewables Depend on Green Steel

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McCloskey by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company

Join OPIS and McCloskey market experts and a panel of industry executives for “Why Renewables Depend on Green Steel,” a part of the Dow Jones Energy & Sustainability Issue Briefing Series. Recorded April 11, 2024.

Steel is the backbone of the energy transition; it’s used in wind turbines, the power grid, EVs and more. To make these renewables truly green, steel’s massive carbon footprint must be addressed. How will it happen, how long will it take and who are the players? This 60-minute webinar breaks down the discussion into two parts:

Part 1 | Up and Running

Traditional steel production relies on coal, releasing massive carbon dioxide emissions. One alternative process replaces coal with hydrogen. And when that hydrogen is produced using wind or solar, the steel is essentially carbon free. Sweden’s Vattenfall and SSAB explain how their partnership is beginning to deliver green steel.

  • Annika Ramsköld, VP, Corporate Sustainability, Vattenfall
  • Martin Pei, EVP and CTO, SSAB
  • Dr. James Stevenson, Executive Director and Research Lead, McCloskey by OPIS

Part 2 | Driving Down Emissions

Steel is literally the backbone of industry and its use is a big part of the carbon footprint for a wide range of companies. Many executives are hopeful that a transition to green steel will cut emissions. Vehicle makers are among them: Nearly a ton of steel goes into the average car. Examine the vehicle industry’s steel strategy.

  • Niklas Wahlberg, Head, System Solutions and Partnerships, Volvo Group
  • Dr. James Stevenson, Executive Director and Research Lead, McCloskey by OPIS

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