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OPIS PetroChem Wire Refinery Focus Daily

Refinery Focus Daily reveals how and where petrochemicals and refining economics intersect. Get a daily summary of closing prices and trading activity for propylene and benzene.

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OPIS PetroChem Wire Midday Update

Receive the latest trends and markets for olefins, NGLs, plastics and refined products. This timely market intelligence is sent to you during the trading day.

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OPIS PetroChem Wire Daily

Get a daily summary of closing petrochemical prices and trading activity across all markets. OPIS PetroChem Wire is recognized as the benchmark for futures contracts and risk management.

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The Energy Daily

Energy business and policy coverage of the power, natural gas, oil, nuclear and renewable industries. This quick four-page daily read is a concise overview to help busy executives focus on the energy market events and trends that really matter.

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PointLogic Power Module

Get detailed natural gas consumption data by plant for all gas-fired power plants.  Drill down into specific power points by pipeline and view consumption data at a daily, weekly or monthly level.

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PointLogic Flows Module

See natural gas flow data for 40,000 meter locations on 200+ North American pipelines, plus 600 proprietary throughput locations, regional and system flows and new meter locations – all in real time.

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PointLogic NGL Module

The NGL Module provides NGL production and ethane rejection data for the 11 U.S. Refining Districts, analysis of weekly pricing and production trends as well interactive charting.

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PointLogic Markets Module

The Markets Module provides daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal natural gas supply and demand fundamentals by EIA region. See who is moving the biggest volume by pipeline and point.

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PointLogic Reports

PointLogic Suite reports include Gas Fundamentals Daily, Gas Week Northeast and Northeast Gas Fundamentals Daily. They include comprehensive daily natural gas and NGL market analysis, data and commentary.

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PointLogic Production Module

The Production Module is your resource for supply data for natural gas and oil production, including breakdowns by region and shale play. It also provides timely natural gas wellhead and dry estimates.