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Biodiesel Prices

Daily supplier-posted wholesale biodiesel rack prices, clearly listed both by feedstock and biodiesel blend. Plus, prices both with & without RINs are listed. Many locations available.

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PetroChem Wire Reports

OPIS PetroChem Wire reports provide 400+ daily prices for the entire U.S. petrochemical market, including NGLs, ethylene, propylene, olefin, polymers and prime grade and recycled plastics.

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Global Marine Fuels Report

The OPIS Global Marine Fuels Report delivers daily bulk and bunker marine fuel prices from key ports in a concise, affordable report. Easily monitor prices in a market responding to IMO 2020 regulations.

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OPIS PetroChem Wire Recycled Plastics Weekly

Recycled Plastics Weekly provides transparent, accurate and unbiased pricing for this evolving market with standardized grades, delivery location and other key specifications.

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OPIS PetroChem Wire PVC & Pipe Weekly

This cost-effective reports includes weekly PVC and plastics prices and market information using a methodology developed with the industry’s market-makers on both the buy and sell side.

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OPIS PetroChem Wire Polypropylene Weekly

A consistent and reliable price benchmark for more profitable polypropylene purchasing. Commentary highlights operations news and buy sentiment that will drive future pricing.

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OPIS PetroChem Wire Polyethylene Weekly

Polyethylene Weekly provides domestic and international resin and monomer price movements, using a methodology developed with the industry on both the buy and sell sides.

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OPIS PetroChem Wire Propylene Weekly

Propylene Weekly provides price trends, production costs, demand figures, export stats, international trade data and forward curves for spot polymer grade propylene.

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OPIS PetroChem Wire Ethylene Weekly

Ethylene Weekly focuses on the spot ethylene and propylene markets with accurate pricing and data on each day’s deals and bids as provided by brokers and trading platform.

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OPIS PetroChem Wire Refinery Propylene Focus Daily

Refinery Focus Daily reveals how and where petrochemicals and refining economics intersect. Get a daily summary of closing prices and trading activity for propylene and benzene.