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Gain a 360° view of companies, markets, cost, supply and demand in the coal & metals mining industry.

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Global Carbon Offsets Report

Global Carbon Offsets Report is the world’s first voluntary carbon markets price report offering a full suite of daily carbon offset credit price benchmarks.

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Brand Power Ranking Report

Discover every aspect of retail fuel brand performance for traditional gas brands as well as hundreds of convenience store and retail chain brands.

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Mexico Fuels Report

Get a true buildup cost of cross-border shipments from the U.S. to Mexico. It features a landed spot market index that assesses the price of Mexico delivered gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel.

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Biodiesel Prices

Daily supplier-posted wholesale biodiesel rack prices, clearly listed both by feedstock and biodiesel blend. Plus, prices both with & without RINs are listed. Many locations available.

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PetroChem Wire Reports

PetroChem Wire by OPIS reports provide exclusive daily prices for the entire U.S. petrochemical market, including NGLs, ethylene, propylene, olefin, polymers and prime grade and recycled plastics.

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Global Marine Fuels Report

OPIS Global Marine Fuels Report delivers daily bulk and bunker marine fuel prices and data from key ports in a concise, affordable report. Easily monitor prices in a market still evolving in response to IMO 2020 regulations.

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PetroChem Wire by OPIS, Recycled Plastics Weekly Report

Recycled Plastics Weekly provides transparent, accurate and unbiased pricing for this evolving market with standardized grades, delivery location and other key specifications.